Simply Home Staging

Benefits of Staging
What is Staging? 

Home Staging is a process of tranforming a very personalized home into a neutralized house in which potential buyers can imagine themselves living in it.  Potential buyers are not going to purchase the house if they can not imagine themselves living in it.  Home Staging will help buyers by decluttering, depersonalizing and emphasizing the strength of  the home by arranging the right furniture and accessories.  Home Staging is similar to the process people use when detailing a car before sale to get the best price and to attract more people.  However, Home Staging is a sophiscated process of preparing your house for sale. Just simply packing away items and cleaning your house are not sufficient enough to compete in this market. 

Benefits of Staging 
The number one benefit of staging is maximizing the selling price of your home.  It's been proven that the staged homes sell quicker for more money because staged properties attract more potential buyers.  When your house is attractive, inviting and appealing, real estate agents are more likely to work harder to sell your house and more agents will want to show it to more potential buyers.  In addition, sellers will experience less stress.  When the house sells faster, homeowners have fewer open houses to prepare for.  Once the house is sold,  staged home owners can calmly start the moving process because they have organized and packed belongings even before the house hit the market.  

Why choose an ASP Trained Simply Home Staging Professionals?

Simply Home Staging has earned The Accredited Staging Professional, ASP® designation. The ASP designation is the only nationally recognized designation for Home Staging.  We have ongoing training -- Staging University -- that other non-ASPs don't have access to -- this means we have the latest and greatest Staging tips and ideas at our disposal.  We adhere to ethics and standards of service and quality.  Once your home has been staged it will be featured on the web site which has over 10,000,000 internet hits each month.   This is a valuable addition that others can not offer. Simply Home Staging has the best interests of the homeowner in mind, wanting to have the home showcase at its best!  As shown below in a recent survey on
 ®  95.6% of homes staged by ASP certified stagers sold in 37days or less compared to 212 days for non-staged homes.