Simply Home Staging


What makes Simply Home Staging better than other stagers?

First and foremost we care!  We will treat your property as if it were ours.  We offer a wide range of services from consultations to full staging services as well as interior redesign.   Our lead stager Myoung-Hee Christiansen has traveled extensively and has a broad pallet of experience to draw from.  Many of her homes have been showcased in community tour of homes.   She carries the ASP® certification and have been personally trained by the creator of Home Staging Barb Schwarz.

It is a buyers market and my home has lost a lot of value in the last two years. Why do I want to spend even more money and cut my profits?

You are right!  It is a buyers market right now which means there is a lot of competition.  You need to make your house stand out and more appealing so that you won’t be just another house that sits for months on the market.  Our goal is to make your house stand out above the other and attracts multiple bids that will sell your home in the shortest period of time and maximize your value.  Staging is an investment not an expense.  Even spending a minimal amount for an initial consultation should net you thousands in return.

Why can’t I just do this myself?

This is a common misunderstanding.  Home owners are usually not capable of staging their own home.  Why?  Because like old blue jeans they are comfortable with the fit and feel and can’t see the flaws.  A homeowner can’t see the flaws or distractions because they are used to living with them and they feel comfortable in these surroundings.   Our consultation service will describe in detail just what has to be done to properly stage the house and sell it quickly and for the right price.