Simply Home Staging

Before and After Gallery. 
Roll your mouse over the picture to see the dramatic effect Simply Home Staging had on these rooms. 

BEFORE: This first house is a craftsman bungalow built in 1915.  It has beautiful hard floors and architectural details such as crown moldings and casement windows which any potential buyers will look for in this home.  AFTER: When you stage your house, if possible, focal points should be parts of house that the seller can not take with them, such as beautiful hardwood floors, moldings, and as in this example casement windows.   A soft color palette was used so potential buyers would not be distracted and would notice these elements.              


BEFORE: Without proper furniture or window treatment and accessories, this empty room looks awkward and unappealing.  The encased windows are skewed to the left of the room.  There is only one wall to place a queen size bed. Currently there is no focal point in this room.  As for staging, the window will make a great focal point.  AFTER: This is an example of using a minimum amount of furniture and carefully selected accessories. To accentuate the windows, full length ceiling to floor curtains were hung to provide a full view of the casement windows but also has the effect of making the room look more spacious.  A cozy sitting area adds to the balance of the room.  A celery green color theme was used to create a soothing mood, with inspiration coming from the curtains and the dresser.


BEFORE: This deck is a great extension of a beautifully remodeled master bedroom suite but needs proper patio furniture to create a true feeling of extension. Since the master bedroom and the backyard are huge selling points of this house, this deck is a very critical space which needs to link these two selling points.  AFTER: When properly staged an outdoor space such as this deck becomes an extension of the interior and provide additional living space and square footage.  The outside of the house must be properly maintained and staged to maximixe the true value of any property.


BEFORE: 1 BR apartment.  Owner had a limited budget. 
This bedroom is a disaster!  There is so much clutter that you can’t even see the bed!  This room is screaming “There is not enough space for anything!”  AFTER:
All furniture and accessories were owned by the property owner prior to staging.   This is a great example of our philosophy of doing as little or as much as you want and your budget will allow.  Let us show you what we can do for you.


BEFORE: Modern new construction single family unit. This is an average size bedroom but it is not set up at all.  There is a bed frame and mattress propped against the wall, bedding is piled on the floor, the blinds are closed with no natural light and the only lamp is not plugged in and is just sitting on a poorly placed dresser.  This room does not sell at all and must be set up and brightened.  AFTER: This room is transformed from storage to a bedroom by setting up and making the bed.  Red was used as a contrasting pallet color to match the window treatments.  All excess bedding that was piled on the floor, was either used to make the bed or was removed and put into storage.  The blinds and drapes were pulled open to allow for natural light. Headboard was improvised using a four-panel screen adjusted to fit the size of the twin bed.